The enemy invaded my thoughts

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I have a word to share about the enemy that comes each time God is elevating you. He whispers words to you that go against what you know to be true and also what you know God said. Today, I spoke at a service and I've never been to a "Testimony Service" so it was interesting. I've been in service where people have testified but this entire service was focused on testimonies and praise and worship, which was awesome. My background is Jehovahs Witness so I'm still not that familiar with church protocol. I'm still learning. I went first. I have such a vast testimony that I had to condense it as much as I could. I think I did ok, but I was questioning it too, because I was…
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Who taught you to quit?

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Man oh man, I am so inspired right now, and also so full of praise from the message that I just heard ¬†Hallelujah and Glory to God!   I was watching a live stream of TD Jake's at Second Ebenezer church for their Pastors' 40th anniversary. In his closing remarks he spoke on how people with dreams settle for less and quit. ..should've been and could've been this or that. But God says because we are His, He will heal us from that! He was speaking of backsliding. Not in the sense of you used to go to church, but in a sense from quitting, giving up and stopping in our journey.¬†Our dreams and gifts, etc can just slide right off if we are not careful. He said it must…
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