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I thought I was free. I was going to church regularly, but was bound. Through the year of 2017, I battled stage 3 metastatic breast cancer and mourned the loss of both parents within a year apart. God elevated me through my trials. He told me to write about it. This is 1 of a series of books to not only share my testimony, experiences and encounters with God, but to help you to level up in your walk with Him.
Going Higher, was written particularly for the woman of God – the believing woman who may not be exactly where she wants to be in her walk with God. In fact, she may be struggling with finding just who she is in God, and what He expects of her. She may desire a deeper relationship and more revelations but unaware of how to attain it.

In Book 1 of this series, you’ll learn:

• Your identity in Jesus
• The power of walking in submission
• What to do while waiting on God
• How to remove the mask and be free.

And much more.

It’s time to be intentional in your walk woman of God. This book will help you self-reflect and be honest with where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Whether you are a new Saint or seasoned, there is something in this book for you.
It’s time to walk in peace and joy. It’s time to go higher!

The reason behind the story


Honestly, I‘ve just experienced the hardest trial of my life. A few months before my diagnosis, my mom died suddenly of a heart attack in June of 2016. And several months after my diagnosis, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic liver cancer. We were going through treatments at the same time during the summer of 2017, and he died in October of 2017. And this is just what happened within this year!

I know about pain. Trust me. Everything I’ve seen tries to tell me to fall apart. It says, “Where is God?” and “Why is this happening?”

God has shown Himself to be faithful and trustworthy. I tell my story because I want to show someone else that they do not have to give up! I want them to understand that regardless of what comes our way that God is a strong tower that we can run into. He will give us rest.

During my cancer battle, the Lord was pressing upon me to tell my story. He actually rerouted me in this direction, and closed doors that He once opened. My story is powerful so I get it. It’s for God’s Glory and not mine, so I am willing. I am only tackling one aspect of my journey in this book. I have much more that occurred in my life since leaving home at 16, yet I wrote this chapter with my topic constantly in front of me. I didn’t want to go off of the issue at hand which was my experience with church hurt. I have another book following this one that will tell of my entire testimony.

In any event, I was always a seeker of God and happiness; however, I found it in vices, until God called me from the darkness into His marvelous light!

I definitely understand the struggles people face daily, and how God will meet them where they are. He did it for me. I want to encourage the woman who is going through depression, marital problems or in church with a monkey on her back, so to speak. The woman who may be in a cultist type religion or a church that is oppressive. I want to help her be free. I want her to walk in self-love and forgiveness. Forgiveness to the people who hurt her and forgiveness to herself.

I am walking in my purpose right now, and it feels amazing!

My story shows the transformation power of God. God can turn any life around. All He needs is a willing heart. I know there are many women in bondage just as I was. They run to things and people to fill the void that only God can fill. Until you get that realization, you will be running in a circle.

By the same token, I know there are many who sit in church screaming on the inside and smiling on the outside. Busy working in auxiliaries yet all hell breaking loose in their own home. Bondage is real and since I’ve been freed, I want to help others. I was someone searching for God, and was in a legalistic religion and didn’t realize it. I was oppressed in that religion, left and the first church that I felt safe enough to join was likewise oppressive. People put people in bondage with unrealistic expectations. There is freedom and simplicity in Jesus. People need to know that.

God saved me. Truly. Even after I was “saved.”

(coming February 2018)