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Tara Tucker was born in Detroit, MI.    She has lived in both Baltimore, MD and Everett, WA. 

She is happily married with 3 children and one cat, Sir Chestnut. Tara studied English and Psychology in College. She planned on becoming an English professor but her life took a detour, again and again. Writing and contributing her thoughts is very enjoyable for her. She has been journaling since she was a child. Tara has had articles published relating to hair and the community starting in elementary school. She looked at writing as a hobby, and her profession as a Hairstylist. Incidentally, everything changed for Tara when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

During her cancer journey, God has re-introduced Himself to her and has shown her who she is, and what He wants her to do. Her faith has grown tremendously and she is intentional in her worship and living for God.  The bible is her compass. Furthermore, Tara is practical, loving, and embraces people as they are. She understands the struggles they face daily, and how God will meet them where they are. Tara has endured an extreme amount of pain in her life. God changed her negative life into something beautiful for Him. Tara is a survivor not only of cancer but of molestation, rape, a confused lifestyle, church hurt, an independent spirit and more! She is an overcomer, and is excited to share her testimony with others to empower them to be victorious as well. 

The Call

Tara has heard throughout the years that she should write a book about her life’s adventures, but laughed it away. However, the Lord spoke a word to her and confirmed it twice regarding writing her testimony. She started writing her memoir in January of 2017, and is excited to release it next year. It’s called, “A journey through my Reflections-How did I get here?” She is also the author of “Going Higher,” A Coffee & Scriptures Devotional. 

Tara is the co-author of the anthology, “Screams from the Church Pew-Her Story, His Glory” which will be released in 2018. 

She was chosen to be apart of the 3rd annual ‘Taking Our Lives Back” calendar that will be released in October of 2017. 

God started something amazing during a time of wilderness. On the outside, it seemed she should be in a corner, crying and desolate with the circumstances, yet Tara stayed prayerful, full of praise and joy.  A true testament to the power of God! The Lord has also called Tara to start a Ladies prayer group in which they encourage each other daily, pray weekly and study the scriptures. He told her that it was time for her to merge into who she was. She was His Prophetic Teacher. He’s gifted her to operate in Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom.

She transitioned from a full-time hairstylist, to a stay at home mom and writer during her recovery time. The Lord was telling her to rest in Him and write. Being independent and headstrong, Tara would find it difficult to accommodate what seemed like a simple request; however, it was beneficial for to obey. She had to let go of what was familiar.  She had to walk by faith and not sight. It was time to start over. It was time to walk in her true purpose.



The Mission


“I want to encourage people from my life experiences. My life was miraculously changed during my walk with God, but especially in my battle with cancer. God revealed Himself to me in ways that I never knew, although being a saved Spirit filled Christian. Incidentally, I had to face the woman in the mirror. I learned that there are levels that you go in Him. Or should I say, grow in Him. Above all, that He takes you from faith to faith. He revealed gifts that I had, and let me know they were for others. One gift is a Teacher. He told me to share this gift by writing. Through my writing I will be candid about myself and what the Lord wants me to say to others.

Regrettably, I know that you can sit in the church, speak in tongues with praise and worship, and still be far removed from the Lord. My mission is to help other women grow in their relationship with God. In fact, I want to show them that they can be free from bondage. Many are in bondage and don’t even know it. I was. Now I am free!

Above all, I will show you that you can live a victorious life, right now, on earth, despite any circumstances you may find yourself in.”


Tara is a member of Life Application Ministries, located in Warren, Michigan, under the leadership of Pastor Dorian Cast and Bishop Adolphus Cast. She was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit there in 2013. She works in the Media and Youth Ministries. Furthermore, Tara absolutely loves her church home and family.