Church hurt, People hurt and Offense

Grace, Uncategorized
How many people can relate to this statement? "I'm not going back to church." or "Only hypocrites in church." Many people have in the past or are currently experiencing church hurt. In the world right now, there are people speaking of it everywhere. Twitter even had a hashtag trending on #Churchhurt. There are celebrities openly discussing this topic. Offense Everyone, at one point or another, deal with offense, because it happens daily.  It comes from our spouses, friends, co-workers, children, Pastors, church members, people at the stores we shop at, family members etc. We can't hide from it, and can only control our reaction and response to it. (Photo by Stephane YAICH on Unsplash) However, what I want you to recognize is the testing that comes along daily in your life. How you handle offense…
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