A must read for all Believers

Ok guys, this is important and timely information for the body of Christ: The Emerging Glory | RJM | Home https://www.ryanjohnson.us/single-post/2017/07/07/The-Emerging-Glory-2 "Sons and Daughters: The Emerging Glory is Moving Upon the Earth!" Ryan Johnson, Fort Payne, Alabama The evidence of glory is being established throughout many different regions and it will not come as a surprise to a lot of God's people. We will begin hearing the testimonies of healings and miracles and powerful stories of deliverances, restoration, and salvations. There's an Emerging Glory throughout our days ahead. While many will linger in despair or doomsday words, there will be those who see the demonstration of the goodness of God. As God pours out of His abundance, the question becomes whether or not you will be added to or subtracted…
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